Misnoûs, The School of Thought started in Miami with a clear mission to ‘change pace’ in your professional and personal routines.

Several senior executives from different organizations have joined and continue to join our sessions and they share the Misnoûs’ promise: “Don’t let a day go by without writing or reading at least one line (Nulla dies sine línea)”. This is the verified formula to feel better, know more, work more efficiently and improve your interactions.

In 90-minute sessions you’re going to see yourself in films, tv series, books, images and characters that will make you reflect and react to improve your impact in conversations with your clients, teams and your own personal circle of family and friends.



Cristina Estébanez, PhD, is the founder and director of Misnoûs, The School of Thought, an educational start-up created to connect professionals from different industries and to introduce Culture within their organizations (and their lives). Born in Spain, Cristina completed her studies between Madrid, Prague, Florence and Rome; her work experience spans over twelve years in universities and other educational centers across Spain (Universidad Complutense, Universidad Menéndez Pelayo, Southwestern University), Germany (Instituto Cervantes) and the US (Barry University, Miami Dade College); Cristina is also the author of several publications as a Literature critic (Orígenes y metamorfosis del mito de don Juan, Breve diccionario de términos literarios, Diccionario biográfico español RAH, etc.). With Misnoûs, Cristina rescues the idea that we need to continue to learn from the mistakes and achievements in contemporary history, as a strategy to succeed in social interactions.

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