Make your clients and your teams break their patterns with an innovative knowledge-share experience. Our audiences use Misnoûs’ sessions as a networking opportunity and a platform to debate how different cultural aspects impact their lives.

The program is designed for a high profile, diverse and qualified participant base, boasting a range of backgrounds. Participants are encourage to be open-minded, pragmatic and aspire to be inspiring using cultural matters.

Team Forum


Why do we lie?

“Lies are means to talent” according the Romanian philosopher E. Ciorán.
What are the pros and cons of lying in your environment?
Do you think that learning about the biggest lies that changed History would help you to make better decisions?

Always look on the bright side of Life

Humor is the key ingredient to learn how to trust, avoid disappointment and improve professional, social and personal environments; this has been acknowledged over and over in history.

Men, women and vice versa

It is obvious that behind each great man there tends to be a great woman (and vice versa). There are plenty of examples in History, Literature and contemporary affairs. Sharing the different aspects of your life with men and women could be really interesting.

Around the World in 80 minutes

Why do people need to travel? Was Benjamin Diraeli right when he stated ‘travelling teaches tolerance’? Be open to changes direction in your life’s journey. Sign up for Misnoûs. Your ideas are important.