Men, women and vice versa

Living and dealing with women and men can be much more interesting in your professional and social Life.

It is obvious that behind each great man there tends to be a great woman (and vice versa). There are plenty of examples in History, Literature and contemporary affairs. Sharing the different aspects of your life with men and women could be really interesting.

Woody Allen

Benefits of the program:

1. Team management

The history of culture is full of examples of women and men who have managed to improve themselves in coexistence. Great stories of great people always inspire.

2. Continuous education

Get your dossier with cultural recommendations thinking about the reasons you should never stop learning.


Programs are designed for senior managers from different sectors interested in leading processes of change. Misnous methodology pushes participants to think “outside the box” following the example of great people in Culture.

Learning Packs

You can choose the best option for you. Misnoûs Courses can get your clients out of their routine with an innovative experience that has worked in the United States. Choose two or more courses and get a discount on the price of the package.

  • Duration

    90 minutes

    iconoLunch & Learn

    Our participants uses our 90 minutes sessions as a networking space and forum for discussing cultural issues related to their professional and personal lives.

  • Admissions

    20 participants maximum

  • Location

    All Misnoûs courses can be developed in the facilities of your company. But if you consider your clients feel more comfortable outside the office, Misnoûs can be designed in a place you choose. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the experience.

  • Tuition Fees

    Contact us and we will design the best option for you

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